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Butterfly Valve

Selling butterfly valve at cheap prices

 There are various kinds of valves that are widely used in pipe installations, one of which is the butterfly valve. Butterfly valve is designed to regulate and control the flow rate in the pipe whether it is gas, liquid or solid. Its role is quite central in pipe installation, because of its easy installation and affordable prices. Butterfly valve is designed from solid metal material so it is more sturdy and able to withstand pressure. Its light weight makes installation and maintenance easy and also easy because the number of moving parts is minimal.

Butterfly valve is widely relied upon for both small and large-scale pipe installations that require stable and easily controlled flow rate control. Designed with a valve closing mechanism shaped like a disc, with an operating system resembling a ball valve that is faster in closing and opening.We also provide a variety of other valve instruments such as ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves and so on.
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